Stand-out lambs make a high of $245.20 at Wagga | Photos, Video

THIS pen of lambs at the Wagga market kept everyone guessing right until the hammer fall.

Everyone knew they were good. Standouts in fact. But the market had started a little cheaper and confidence mellowed.

The second-cross Poll Dorset lambs, which were finished on lucerne and grain at a Coolamon property, were heavy.

A couple of buyers estimated they weighed as much as 40 kilograms dressed.

Vendor Bruce Hamilton of “Emerald Park”, Coolamon was conservative about the line of 130 lambs which he estimated at 36 kilograms dressed.

And overall he was pleased with the result and said there were still more to sell in coming weeks. 

The Wagga lamb market has been hot for a while and prices surged to a high of $247 in May when Milbrulong vendor Jeff Hoffman of “Ceranya”, sold some exceptional lambs. 

The high prices haven’t been isolated to the extra-heavy or export categories and a couple of weeks ago Yvette McKenzie of “Grasmere”, Bethungra sold Merino lambs for $152.20.

These were the bottoms (or bottom of the full drop) and it is just incredible to receive this price considering they had already cut $40 worth of wool, which makes them worth $190,” said elated vendor Yvette McKenzie.

A total of 37,300 sheep and lambs went under the hammer at the Thursday sale which was less than the 47,000 initially drawn for.