Brookdale unites with a ball in the bush | Photos

A close group of mates have united a little-known town through a spectacular black tie event.

The Brookdale Ball was first discussed over drinks between Sandy Day and his friends over a year ago, and came to fruition in spectacular fashion on Saturday.

The event brought 140 locals together and raised more than $14,000 for Riverina Bluebell. 

Organising committee president Sandy Day said the event had provided an opportunity for locals to socialise in a region which contains little other than a hall.

“Occasionally we see each other but we don't get to spend time together,” he said.

“We all know each other and yet we never get the chance to do anything like this. 

“Everyone was dressed to the nines and made a big effort, we don’t see the black ties and frocks very often.”

The event’s success was so far beyond the organisers expectations that they were forced to turn people away.

“It’s an absolutely fabulous result, we just had no idea it would get this sort of response when we initially planned it,” Mr Day said. 

The organising committee now hopes to make the ball an annual event.