Timing crucial during sowing

Rick Graham
Rick Graham

SOWING is a crucial factor for sowing the winter crop for producers to get the most of buoyant yields at harvest. 

Two years of research by the NSW Department Primary Industries (DPI) and Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) clearly demonstrated sowing time is vital for maximising crop yields.

NSW DPI research agronomist Rick Graham led the team, which compared a range of agronomic inputs.

“Time of sowing for winter cereal crops is a key to optimising yield potential, with the effect becoming more significant in lower rainfall environments,” Mr Graham said. “A decline in crop yield was demonstrated across all sites with delays in sowing. At Nyngan in 2015 for example, a 2.65t/ha yield achieved for an earlier sowing window option (May 8) declined to 0.8t/ha, with a 20-day delay in sowing time,” Mr Graham said.