Wagga cattle sale | May 15 2015

According to Meat and Livestock Australia’s national livestock reporting service domestic processors struggled to find well finished steers, and shifted their focus to the heifer portion.

TAKING THE BIDS: The hammer falls at the Wagga cattle sale during the sale of the store pens.

TAKING THE BIDS: The hammer falls at the Wagga cattle sale during the sale of the store pens.

Grown steers and bullocks were in short supply, however there were some excellent drafts of grain assisted steers and bullocks which created stronger competition.

Restockers were active however well-bred steers and heifers were in short supply which impacted on price over some weight categories.

A mixed quality supply of vealers sold to weaker demand, selling at 330c to 365c/kg.

Medium weight grass finished trade heifers were in reasonable supply, with some drafts supplementary fed.

The better covered heifers suitable for the trade sold 7c dearer to average 316c/kg. Trade weight steers were limited and not all buyers operated preferring the heifer portion, which resulted in a cheaper trend of 10c/kg. The bulk of the lighter weight weaner steers back to the paddock sold at 355c to 412c/kg.

After last week’s significant dip in values for feeder steers, there was a further price correction of 9c for the medium weights to average 332c/kg. The main run of lighter feeder heifers sold to steady competition from the usual buying group. Well-bred feeder type heifers sold at 316c to 342c/kg. Prices for heavy weight steers lifted 6c/kg, with the grain assisted drafts igniting the bidding. Heavy bullocks sold to weaker competition due to a tail in the offering. The better quality pens of prime finished steers and bullocks made from 300c to 338c/kg. Cow numbers dipped in a mixed quality offering, with all weights and grades represented. Heavy cow prices were generally unchanged to average 244.9c/kg. The D3 medium weights regained last week’s losses to average 235c/kg.

There were several restocking orders in place and store buyers purchased a good percentage of the leaner types. Cows returning to the paddock sold at 190c to 244c/kg with younger cows averaging $1,087/head.