Plenty to 'smile about’ at Wagga sheep sale | Photos, Video

WHEN lamb prices surged to $247 at the Wagga market last week sellers received a jolt of confidence. 

It was enough for vendors to yard and sell a whopping 43,650 sheep and lambs at the market on Thursday.

The yarding was nearly double of that which was offered last week. Vendor Jeff Hoffman of “Ceranya”, Milbrulong was in the hot seat after topping the market last Thursday and starting all of the talk around the traps that prices were set to skyrocket. 

He was hoping for a repeat performance of the $247 result received for 340 extra-heavy lambs at the previous sale but this week his offering received $215 a head for a pen of 320. 

Yet he was far from disappointed and it was a good result for the lambs which were finished on lucerne and barley. Bernie McRae of “Spring Valley”, Mangoplah was thrilled to receive the market high of $228 for his second-cross Poll Dorset lambs. 

Livestock agents said there was a  “market correction” due to the large numbers but vendors still received prices to smile about.