Shopping local provides an experience that can't be replaced

GIFT OF TIME: Henty IGA employee Kim Poole celebrates a 40-year employment anniversary. Picture: Lorri Roden

GIFT OF TIME: Henty IGA employee Kim Poole celebrates a 40-year employment anniversary. Picture: Lorri Roden

BEING called by name and getting asked how you are going is all part of the service when you shop in a local town.

A recent visit to the IGA at Lockhart demonstrated just how strong a sense of community is.

It wasn’t too hard to address children by their name, to ask them how they were going and to allow them to count out all of their pocket money on the counter.

The pocket money was mostly five and 10 cent pieces.

A visit like this can really brighten your day. It can make you feel better about things and it strengthens the community bonds.

It was heartening to see that this supermarket is doing well too. The current expansion work being undertaken clearly demonstrates that this business has been getting it right.

And those in the community wanted to celebrate with her. They wanted to say job well done and thanks.

Even if you haven’t visited the Henty IGA or met Kim Poole it was obvious that those who had felt fortunate to have such a long-standing and knowledgeable employee in the town.  

These feelgood stories also come at a time when online shopping is gaining more and more momentum.

And those living in country towns are among the big spenders.

In fact, Jindera residents rated a mention on Australia Post’s Online Shopping Report. 

This ranks the southern NSW township third in the country for online buying. 

Whether it is eBay or electronics outlets or specialty discount businesses the use of a credit card and then sitting back and waiting for goods to arrive by post is an every-day occurrence.

Sure, online shopping is convenient, often cost effective and offers an opportunity to buy goods that otherwise may not be available.

Yet the chance to walk into an immaculately kept local business, talk to someone who lives in the community and has an interest in you too is priceless.

And this is an experience that can’t be bought online. It is an experience that can’t be found in the larger cities or centres. 

It’s something valuable and precious that deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated. 


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