The Schipp family only sell the best bulls

“Best of British” -  Angus and Hereford bulls available from the Schipp family. Ready to work and not pampered.
“Best of British” - Angus and Hereford bulls available from the Schipp family. Ready to work and not pampered.

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The Schipp family have been breeding and selling what they believe are the best bulls from their studs Schipps Red Angus and Doodle Cooma Poll Hereford.

"Red Angus cattle are an easy doing maternal breed with all the carcase attributes of their black cousins except they are more heat tolerant and cross exceptionally well with all red breeds," stud principal Daryl Schipp said.

"Clients are crossing their Red Angus bulls over Santa Gertrudis, Shorthorn, Hereford, Limousin, Charolais and Simmental cows with sale topping results."

The Schipp enterprise has put this to the test themselves, running a commercial Red Angus cross Poll Hereford herd to produce high performing females.

"We have been crossing the two breeds since we started the Red Angus stud – it's exactly the same cross as the black baldy cow, famous across the world for its productivity, but a red package that is more heat resistant," he said.

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  • Daryl Schipp

"We keep the female portion and cross them back to the Red Angus or Poll Hereford, but could go to any breed, so when we expand we could go with another breed over them."

Selling the offspring as weaners into the Wagga Wagga markets, Mr Schipp said they always attracted solid demand.

Having the two breeds had also helped them better service their clients, he said.

"We can reach a wider market with more clients, but also give clients the option of two different breeds to choose from – some are running both breeds," he said.

"With the Red Angus, you are getting all the attributes of the Angus breed, in a red package, which I like; they are versatile and heat resistant.

"And since the initial chase for frame score led to a decline in Poll Hereford demand, now the breed are back to focusing on carcase traits and grass fed doing ability, so they are surging back in popularity."