The seven farmers tales that show rain is on its way

At the moment we are all eyes peeled staring at the blue sky, hoping to see some looming clouds holding rain.

While it seems there are a million anecdotal ways to make it rain, from washing the car to it being the first Saturday of the cricket season, we thought we’d take a moment to have a look at some of the old farmers tales that are sure signs there is rain on the way.

1) Echidnas

Our photographer Rachael Webb has told us the farmers are saying they’ve never seen so many Echidnas around as they are seeing at the moment. And, you know what they say with Echidnas, if you see one then three days later it will rain. So here’s hoping.​

Photo: AP Photo/Russell McPhedran

Photo: AP Photo/Russell McPhedran

2) Kookaburras

Heard the call of the King of the Bush in the past few days? Well, that’s great news, because a Kookaburra laughing is sure sign that rain is on the horizon. 

Photo: Dallas Kilponen

Photo: Dallas Kilponen

3) Ants

It seems ants have a lot of ways of showing us rain is on the way.

Firstly, are ants driving you nuts in the kitchen? Then don’t despair! It’s a sign that rain is on the horizon.

Secondly, noticed the little guys building their nests higher? Another sign that rain is on the way.

And thirdly, if you’ve noticed them running about more than normal it’s yet another sign wet weather is ahead.  

Photo: Louise Donges.

Photo: Louise Donges.

4) Gum trees

Are the gum trees around your place in full bloom? That’s mother nature telling you the rain is coming. So keep an eye on those gums.

But also, take note if those gums are folding up their leaves. Another sure sign rain is on the way.

5) Stormbird

Have you heard the call of the stormbird lately? Well, it’s not just really irritating, it’s also got that name for a reason. The old saying goes when the Common Koel lets out its distinctive call, rain is on the way.

Photo: Kate Geraghty

Photo: Kate Geraghty

6) Black Cockatoos

An increase in the number of black cockatoos in the area is said to be an indicator of rain, or is it when black cockatoos fly from the hills to the coast? We’ve heard both! And apparently in the latter theory each bird in the flock equals one days rain!

Photo: Stephen Burns

Photo: Stephen Burns

7) Sound

It seems your ears are as important a detector when it comes to rain as your eyes.

The old saying goes that sound travels further before a storm. And it seems there is some truth behind it as moist air carries sound further than dry air. Low dense rain clouds act as a barrier though, which makes everything seem louder.


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