Greendale’s focus provides profits

Alan McGufficke

Alan McGufficke

Advertising feature

THE extensive ewe base at Greendale Merinos is used alongside a comprehensive testing program to select the highest performing sires and ewes which are retained for the Greendale nucleus ram breeding flock.

This testing measures all traits that affect profitability – fleece weight, micron, fertility and body weight.

Under the guidance of Alan McGufficke, Greendale continually measures the ewe flock through fleece weighing, body weighing and fibre testing on an annual basis.

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With the introduction of new genetics through an annual artificial insemination program, Mr McGufficke said the top-performing measured ewes are run under strictly commercial conditions, which allows for continued increase in profitability and a true reflection of our genetics.

“The opportunity to increase the profits of any merino breeding business is definitely there if you select proven, profitable genetics, which are run under commercial conditions,” Mr McGufficke said.  

“This highlights the best converters of grass into profit in the paddock where it counts for a merino-breeding and wool-growing business.”

This year’s Greendale Merinos on-property ram sale will be held on Thursday, October, 26 at “Willarney”, 850 Maffra Road, Cooma.

There will be 90 rams on offer, with the sale commencing at 10am.

A viewing of sale rams and performance data was held as part of the Elders Monaro stud tour, but for further information contact Alan McGufficke 0429 448 078 or visit the Greendale Merinos website at