‘Wattle Grove’ is set to get new owners

“Wattle Grove” was first selected by Phillip Jacob Lieschke and now, 134 years later, the family will relinquish ownership of the property.

Fourth generation owner Graham Lieschke said “Wattle Grove” is in true mixed farming country, having previously run pigs alongside sheep and grain.

Water is a feature of the property having two large dams, with the combined approximate capacity of 26,000 yards in which water is pumped to a 24,000 gallon concrete tank on the highest point of the property.

These dams proved invaluable in running the piggery.

The pigs may have gone, but the infrastructure is still in place. Both pig sheds have three-phase power and could be adapted to suit a fabrication-type operation, the larger pig shed could be converted for housing machinery/implements.

The soils are a mixture of loams through to clay and the property is about 80 per cent arable with the long-term annual rainfall of 21 inches.

The cropping country has been leased out for the past six years.

The three-bedroom home was built in 1901.

Steeped in history, it has the original kitchen and bread oven, but is  longer in use.

Located 10km from Henty, school buses go past the front gate.