Good numbers for first cattle market of 2018

Cattle at the sale yards in Wagga. Picture: Kieren L Tilly
Cattle at the sale yards in Wagga. Picture: Kieren L Tilly

Numbers lifted for the first market of 2018. Quality was mixed with trade cattle in limited numbers. The bulk of the offering was more suited to lot feeders and restockers. The trade market lacked intensity for all weights and grades. Not all buyers attended and only one major export processor was operating.

Vealers were in short supply and domestic processor competition fluctuated. Vealers made from 280c to 315c/kg. The trend for yearling trade cattle was steady. The main run of trade heifers averaged 261c, while the steer portion sold from 259c to 285c/kg.

Secondary heifers weighing 280-330kg benefited from solid demand from feed lots and back grounders selling at 270c to 300c/kg.

The bulk of the store steers sold to dearer trends making from 288c to 331c, with the lighter weights topping at 370/kg.

Feeder steers were well supplied and competition was strong. Medium weight steers were mostly unchanged to average 297c/kg.

The general price trend for feeder heifers fluctuated as some buyers were reluctant to chase the market.

The bulk of the lighter weight heifers 330-400kg sold from 275c to 295c/kg.

Export steers sold to erratic demand, with one major export processor purchasing the bulk of the offering.

The better C3 and C4 steers sold from 250c to 273c/kg. In the cow market, quality was quite mixed.

Heavy cows topped at 222c, to average 211c/kg. Leaner types made from 180c to 212c/kg. There were a couple of store buyers operating, paying from 180c to 217c/kg.