Cork & Fork is teaming up with Wagga's popular Gumi race

It’s time to pump up those inner tubes and come up with a design to reinvent watercraft – it’s almost time for the World Championship Gumi Race.

The annual Wagga event is this year going to be even bigger than ever.

A Cork & Fork event will be held at Wagga Beach during the race on February 18, offering great food and drinks.

Josh Paul from South Wagga Apex, which organises the Gumi event, said he was excited to have the race and Cork & Fork joining forces.

”The Gumi festival is an iconic event for Wagga and we just thought including the Cork & Fork Fest will bring down the community,” Mr Paul said.

“We will have something for everyone and really make the most of the asset we have here – the Murrumbidgee.”

“Cork & Fork is really popular at the moment,” Casey Wilson from Borambola Wines said.

“We are bring about 10 to 15 food vendors down from 10 o’clock to 7.30pm. Everybody can come along and get some great food. The bar will be open from 2pm.

“And we are partnering with these great guys from Apex, so it’s going to be a great day.”