Wagga cattle market from May 14 2018

THE GALLERY: Buyers are pictured during the cattle sale at the Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre.
THE GALLERY: Buyers are pictured during the cattle sale at the Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre.

AFTER successive weeks of big numbers vendors sold 3100 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday.

The yarding dropped by 2600 compared to previous weeks and this was attributed to the rain which fell throughout southern NSW and the Riverina.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia’s National Livestock Reporting Service quality was fair to plain with weaner cattle under 300kg well supplied.

Once again trade cattle were in short supply. Grown steer and bullocks numbers decreased and quality was fair to excellent.

The usual turnout of buyers attended along with quite a few more feedlot and store orders. Vealers were limited making from 266c to 304c/kg.

The medium weight trade heifers benefited from robust demand from feedlots which helped create the dearer trend of 12c/kg.

The better covered medium weight heifers suitable for the trade made from 252c to 284c/kg.

Trade steers sold to stronger price trends of 9c to average 293c/kg. There was steady restocking competition and lighter weight well-bred steers prices gained 10c to 20c to top at 297c/kg.

Feeder steers were in reasonable supply with light and medium weight steers selling to a larger group of buyers.

Medium weight feeder steers sold 14c dearer making from 264c to 305c/kg.

It was more of the same in the feeder heifer market with both light and medium weight feeder heifer selling to strong demand lifting 14c to 16c/kg.

Major processor competition was steady for young steers while bullocks sold to intense bidding for the limited numbers. The better quality pens of prime finished steers and bullocks made from 240c to 286c/kg.

Cow numbers declined significantly and demand was stronger. Heavy cows topped at 211c to average 201c/kg. The D3 medium weight lifted 7c making from 139c to 178c/kg.

Young cows back to the paddock sold to mixed price trends, making from 152c to 169c/kg.

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