Motorists feel the pain at the pump as fuel prices approach four-year high

Riverina motorists are being slugged by rising fuel prices, but experts say there are ways to beat the bowser.

According to the NRMA, Australian fuel prices were approaching four-year highs as a result of unrest in the Middle East and restrictions in global oil supply.

The state average price for regular unleaded rose to 145.1 cents per litre on Wednesday, up from 126.9 a year ago. In Wagga the cheapest regular unleaded was 141.5 cents per litre at Metro Fuel Ashmont, while several places offered the cheapest diesel for 146.9. 

The region’s cheapest unleaded was at Metro Narrandera for 129.9, while the independent at Marrar had the cheapest diesel for 140.9.

Riverina livestock agent James Tierney said the rising prices were making a difference in the hip pocket.

“I fill up at least twice a week, it’s not life or death but it all adds up,” Mr Tierney said. “You can’t do anything about it either, it’s just the cost of doing business and in our industry we just have to hope it’ll come back down.”

Independents tend to be cheaper

Independents tend to be cheaper

Driving instructor Robert Buckley said he usually filled up at the independent Silvalite service station or at Ashmont to save money, but said there were some simple tricks to improve fuel economy as well.

“If you’re looking to save money, tyre pressure has a lot to do with it – it effects braking, steering and fuel economy,” Mr Buckley said.

“Most cars have a little plate that tells you what pressure you should use, or talk to your tyre seller to see what they recommend. And on the highway, you’ll use more fuel with the windows down, but in the city it’s the other way around.”

Unfortunately, it seemed prices were going to stay high for quite a while.

“There won’t be any relief until production increases or other factors calm down,” the NRMA spokesman said.

“Demand for oil is at a seven-year high because oil producing countries have cut production to artificially raise prices and there’s tension in the Middle East. But people should use apps like myNRMA to find the cheapest servo – we can’t bring peace but we can point you in the right direction.”