Wagga vendors sell top-quality lambs

AFTER two weeks of records vendors sold 37,000 sheep and lambs at the Wagga market on Thursday. 

Meat and Livestock Australia’s market reporter, Leann Dax of the National Livestock Reporting Service said quality across heavy lamb categories was outstanding however lambs weighing above 30kg were in shorter supply.

Trade lambs were well supplied nonetheless quality was very mixed, with buyers more selective.

SALE DAY: Frank Gaynor of "Oakville", Ariah Park is pictured at the Wagga market. Picture: Nikki Reynolds

SALE DAY: Frank Gaynor of "Oakville", Ariah Park is pictured at the Wagga market. Picture: Nikki Reynolds

Light lambs sold to weaker demand from processors and restockers were present but didn’t operate.

The trade market sold to erratic competition which was a reflection of the plainer quality across light and medium weight categories.

The light and medium trade weight eased $5 to $7/head while heavy trade lambs were unchanged averaging 760c/kg cwt.

The heavy and extra heavy lambs ignited the biding with domestic buyers once again keen to secure a market share to average 768c/kg cwt.

Lambs weighing 26-30kg sold to a top price of $244.20/head while lambs above 30kg were unchanged to average 715c/kg cwt.

Heavy Merino lambs made from $185 to $211/head.

It was a mixed quality offering of mutton with all weights and grades represented.

Not all buyers operated with a major processor out for two weeks for annual maintenance.

Heavy sheep prices declined $16 to $30/head to average 489c to 516c/kg cwt.

Trade sheep were well supplied selling from $100 to $144/head to average 506c/kg cwt.

Light sheep made from $86 to $100/head.

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