Wagga cattle sale draw for August 6

THE cattle sale draw is out for Wagga on Monday and vendors are set to sell 3857 head. 

See results from last week’s market: Vendors sold 3890 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia’s National Livestock Reporting Service numbers were back by 145 compared to the previous week. 

Quality declined with producers offloading plainer stock over most categories. A large percentage of cattle were secondary types with plenty of frame and minimal fat cover. Yearling steers and heifers suitable for the trade were in short supply. Grown steer and bullock’s numbers declined and so did prices. It was the usual field of buyers in attendance and operating in a cheaper market. 

The seasonal shortage of vealers saw prices improve, with the best B muscled veal selling from 244c to 305c/kg. Trade heifers benefited from steady competition. Medium weight trade heifers sold 4c cheaper to average 278c/kg. Trade steers were limited and most steers were supplementary fed selling from 290c to 303/kg. 

Weaner cattle sold to a much weaker price with most restockers not willing to make purchases while seasonal conditions remain dry. 

The bulk of the steers returning to the paddock sold from 120c to 279c/kg. Secondary light weight heifers sold to subdued demand making from 149c to 218c/kg, averaging $400/head. 

Feeder steers were in reasonable numbers. Light and medium weight steers sold to most of the usual buyers. 

Medium weight feeder steers were unchanged making from 269c to 308c, while the lighter weights sold from 12c to 28c/kg cheaper. Feeder heifers, 330-400kg, were 11c cheaper selling from 245c to 290c/kg. 

Light weight feeder heifers struggled to find buyers which resulted in prices easing 25c to 43c/kg. 

Domestic and export processor competition weakened considerably. The better quality pens of prime finished steers and bullocks made from 266c to 286c/kg. Cow numbers increased while demand weakened over all categories. Heavy cows topped at 240c to average 221c/kg. The D3 medium weight lines tracked 30c cheaper to average 171c/kg. Plainer cows decreased 14c with the D2 lines averaging 136c/kg.