Strong line-up at Reiland bull sale

A FOCUS on “efficiency of gain” is high on the agenda for Reiland Angus.

At a recent client seminar, senior genetist David Johnston emphasised the need to maintain a focus “on farm profit drivers”.

Net feed efficiency is rated at a moderate heritability of 40 per cent, with many of the populous Angus sires well below breed average. “Gaining more on less” is critical regardless of the season and is a high priority for both the breeder and the feedlot sector.

In 46 years of selection, there has been a strong emphasis by Reiland Angus on constitution and commercial suitability.

The spring 2018 sale has an outstanding line-up of well-credentialed two year-olds and the leading edge 18 month/yearling bulls.

Several of the highest marbling VSNH70 sons will be offered for cattleman’s competition.