No new records at Wagga despite a strong market

VENDORS continued to try and achieve some new records at the Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre but the price highs for extra-heavy lambs stopped at $300.

Big numbers went under the hammer with 41,380 selling despite plenty of talk of a looming shortage.

New-season lambs (suckers) were a standout in the offering and some of the better pens sold for as much as $215. 

The Gap vendor Peter Harris of “Hillview” was pleased with the price paid for his pen of sucker lambs. Despite the dry conditions he had been able to finish them well and meet the market. 

His suckers made $203.30. “They sold very well for the first lot of suckers we have sold for the year,” he said. 

“They have been on grain, with their mothers, and they have been on a few crop paddocks lately,” he said.

Mr Harris said there were still some more suckers at home that would be sold in coming weeks. 

In addition to some big numbers of sheep and lambs there was a strong media contingent at the sale again. This followed the Australian record paid at Wagga last week and the fact that the region is in drought.