Portions of property sold separately

A STRONG collection of properties boasting a range of improvements and potential uses are to be sold by auction in September.

There are five portions over Farm 1082 Murrami and Farm 209 Leeton to be sold individually.

Farm 1082 Murrami will be sold in three portions.

Portion 41 would be an ideal hobby farm. At 179 acres (72ha) and boasting Murrami Road frontage, it was the site of the first private rice mill in the district, operated by the Henham family.

It has a mostly lasered recirculation layout with 617 delivery entitlements.

The property has a three-bedroom cottage, two machinery sheds, a hay shed and town water to front gate.

Portion 44 is an ideal farm build-up block at 200 acres (81ha). With Wattle Road frontage, it has been lasered with a recirculation system design and internal roadways, and 697 delivery entitlements.

Portion 3 is located behind Murrami village. At 174 acres (70ha), about 50 acres is available to cultivate, with the balance grazing hill country.

Farm 209 Leeton will be sold in two portions.

Portion 266 has Vance Road frontage and covers 150 acres (60ha). The land has been lasered for irrigation, between contour banks. There are 510 delivery entitlements included.

Portion 91, 92, 1, 2 is further north with Koonadan Road frontage. At 184 acres (74.5ha), about 109 acres has been lasered, with the remaining 75 acres of contour design. There are 622 delivery entitlements.

The portions will be auctioned on September 21.