Connection and camaraderie will get us through

‘We’re goin’ to the Henty field days, there’s a lot of good people there … see you at the Henty field days ...”

PARTNERSHIP: Sam and Jenny Bailey. Picture: The Land

PARTNERSHIP: Sam and Jenny Bailey. Picture: The Land

This catchy jingle has stood the test of time just like the namesake Henty Machinery Field Days.

Chances are if you are interested in agriculture and live in southern NSW this even will draw you in for at least one of the three days.

Aside from looking at the millions of dollars worth of agricultural innovation the benefit of this event is connection and communication.

Motivational speaker, accomplished author, cattle farmer and quadriplegic Sam Bailey recently visited Wagga to headline the NSW Farmers Mental Health Forum.

One of Sam’s key takeaway messages was the value of mate-ship and family.

He did also mention humour and his presentation was full of colourful moments.

But that said, it doesn’t matter if you have cash in your pocket; or not, events like Henty are valuable.

The opportunities to meet up with other people who are interested in agriculture and rural life can’t be measured.

And if AgQuip, in northern NSW is to be a guide, Henty will be a success with or without rain.


WAGGA is one of the most important rural research hubs in Australia and this week the city hosted the 68th Australasian Grain Science Conference at Charles Sturt University (CSU).

The conference drew in 100 delegates over a period of three days and some of them travelled from as far away as New Zealand and the Philippines.

It’s fair to say when most of us think about the grain industry we immediately associate it with wheat production.

Yes wheat certainly is a staple for the world’s bread production but it was interesting to hear about the alternatives in the grains industry and particularly the positive uptake of pulse crops.


KUDOS must go to NSW Farmers for drawing Sam Bailey to the region.

Sam was guest speaker at the association’s mental health forum in Wagga on Friday.

His journey from “bulletproof” young footy player  farming enthusiast through to facing the a challenging experience as a quadriplegic after a car accident is one worth hearing, or reading.  Determination and strength of character are the hallmarks of Sam.