Offer remains unchanged at Wagga sheep and lamb sale

FOR SALE: There were 55,000 sheep and lambs on offer in Wagga last week. Picture: Les Smith
FOR SALE: There were 55,000 sheep and lambs on offer in Wagga last week. Picture: Les Smith

Last week’s offering was unchanged at 55,000 with 30,000 lambs and 25,000 sheep.

Lamb numbers held steady, while sheep numbers increased owing to the deteriorating spring conditions across the supply area. The lamb market experienced another price correction over all categories.

There were just over 21,000 new season trade lamb and quality continues to be mixed, with bigger numbers of young lambs showing dryness. Lambs to turnout or feed on sold to easier price trends, despite a larger field of restockers.

Restocking inquiry came from Tasmania, Bathurst, Ballarat, Birchip, Finlay, Temora, Forbes, Albury and locally.

The trend was generally $12 to $27/head cheaper, with buyers backing away from any competition.

The bulk of new season trade lambs sold from $144 to $197/head, with heavy trade weighing 22-24kg cwt, averaging 729c/kg cwt.

Price levels for lighter weight lambs to processors was significantly lower. The bulk of these young lambs sold from $85 to $118/head.

Despite a large contingent of store buyers from Tasmania, Birchip, Ballarat, Bathurst, Temora, Narrandera and the local area, prices weakened $12 to $23/head.

Lighter trade weights returning to the paddock held their value, making from $145 to $162/head.

Old trade lambs were mostly at the tail end of producers stock.

Trade weights made from $118 to $168/head. New season heavy and extra heavy lambs sold to weaker demand, with not all processors making purchases.

The bulk of the heavy new season lambs sold from $185 to $249/head to average 723c to 788c/kg cwt. The heavy old lambs sold from $154 to $275/head. The shorter trading week due to the looming Labour Day public holiday had a major effect on prices.

The market generally tracked $20 to $50/head cheaper.

Heavy ewes recorded a top price of $142.20/head to average 343c/kg cwt.

Trade sheep were well supplied making from $66 to $98/head, averaging 319c to 366c/kg cwt. Light weight ewe mutton made from $22 to $76/head.