Cattle sale numbers drop despite public holiday

Numbers declined by 1130 to 5000 this week despite the Labour public holiday last Monday.

Once again quality was mixed, however there was more weight in the offering. Yearling cattle were very mixed in condition, reflecting the dry seasonal conditions. Grown steer and bullocks were in short supply.

Restocker demand was limited with most cattle selling to feedlots to either commence feeding or to be back grounded until a later date.

Vealers were in short supply and quality was only fair to average 249c/kg.

Trade heifers were aided by steady competition from all domestic processors. Medium weight trade heifer sold from 246c to 272c averaging 259c/kg.

The better finished steers sold from 276c to 290c/kg.

Weaner cattle sold to a reduced field of store buyers.

The bulk of the steers returning to the paddock sold from 132c to 288c/kg.

Secondary light weight heifers 200-280kg sold to a cheaper trend averaging 181c/kg.

The feeder steer and heifer market struggled to find traction, with all weights and grades selling significantly cheaper.

Medium weight feeder steers made from 222c to 287c/kg.

The lighter steers sold 18c cheaper to average 263c/kg.

Feeder heifers 330-400kg were 24c cheaper selling from 188c to 245c/kg.

The better quality pens of prime finished steers made from 270c to 290c/kg.

Heavy cows sold 22c cheaper to average 208c/kg. The D3 weight lines sold 16c cheaper, while the D2 types eased 3c to average 173c/kg.