Rain helps to fill dams

FOR some the rain was too little too late and for others it has arrived in the nick of time.

The late season rain is cold comfort for winter cropping farmers and those with hay on the ground, however, for livestock it could be a godsend. 

Elders livestock agent and auctioneer Joe Wilks, Wagga, had just emptied 32mm of rain out of the gauge at San Isidore when he spoke to The Rural on Wednesday. He explained that all eyes were on the market after lamb prices took a tumble at Wagga last week. Prices were $20 cheaper.

Surprisingly the (stock) water has held out pretty wells … but in reality we were only weeks away from having to cart water.

Joe Wilks

However, the trend hit even harder at Bendigo this week when the market dropped by as much as $40.

Mr Wilks said the smaller draw, with 39,300 sheep and lambs scheduled for Wagga on Thursday, combined with the rain should help to prevent further drops in this region.

All eyes on the gauge.

All eyes on the gauge.

He said one of the biggest benefits of the rain this week was in securing water storages. “Surprisingly the (stock) water has held out pretty well … but in reality we were only weeks away from having to cart water,” he said.


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“The biggest benefit will be for the lucerne paddocks,” he said.

Mr Wilks explained that during the drought livestock prices had held up well. This had allowed vendors to put money into their stock in terms of feed. He said there were also returns for lighter stock earlier in the season which meant there wasn’t the pressure to finish lambs out to extra-heavy weights.