Ready for production

THE chance to invest in highly productive properties does not come along often.

JLB Livestock & Property has an aggregation of three farms located 30km south of of Coleambally that would fit the bill for someone looking to establish themselves.

Farms 590, 593 and 595 cover about 660.4 hectares on three separate titles. About 600ha is lasered for irrigation with predominantly transitional red and brown soils, and there is a total of 459.72ha suitable as rice growing area.

The properties can include 3268 megalitres of Coleambally Irrigation general security water entitlements and 3838 Coleambally Irrigation delivery entitlements. There is also a 100ML storage dam.

The land and water will be offered as a whole or individually.

Improvements on the properties include a comfortable and well-kept three-bedroom home with large verandahs and domestic bore, as well as a further two homes, and machinery sheds, workshop, silos, sheep and cattle yards, and livestock water infrastructure.

Farm 590

Covers 223.4ha and has a 490ML entitlement and 490 delivery entitlements. There is 194.7ha of land suitable for rice growing.

Improvements include a brick-veneer home with three bedrooms and an office, as well as two small machinery sheds, a recycle drain, pump and motor.

There are extensive earthworks in progress on the property.

Farm 593 

Covers 219.37ha with a 1388ML entitlement and 1673 delivery entitlements. Predominately lasered with 171.95ha of suitable rice growing ground.

Improvements are a three-bedroom home with large verandahs, double carport, domestic bore and fully self -contained demountable; machinery shed with concrete floor, small enclosed shed, chemical shed, 100ML storage dam, recycle drain, 11” pump and motor.

Farm 595

A size of 217.6ha, which is all lasered and suitable for rice growing, plus a 1390ML entitlement and 1675 delivery entitlements.

Improvements include a home with four bedrooms and study, large and a small machinery sheds, two Kotzur silos, recycle drain, pump and motor.