Wagga sheep and lamb sale, February 7 2019

A TOTAL of 31,000 sheep and lambs went under the hammer at the Wagga sale on Thursday.

Extra heavy lambs were well supplied, with good supplies weighing above 30kg carcase weight.

MEET THE MARKET: Restockers drive market demand at Wagga.

MEET THE MARKET: Restockers drive market demand at Wagga.

The highlight of the sale was feedlot buyers who dominated across trade weight categories. Trade lambs were in reasonable number, although processor competition was markedly weaker. The bulk of the shorn trade lambs sold $12 to $14/head cheaper to average 612c/kg cwt. New season trade lambs made from $119 to $140/head. Store lambs were in reasonable numbers receiving from $71 to $122/head. Shorn lambs suitable to feed on, weighing 20-24kg, sold $10 cheaper, making from $122 to $158/head. Competition for extra heavy lambs was weak, with only a few buyers operating. Generally, heavy lambs sold $13/head cheaper, averaging 609c/kg cwt. Extra heavy lambs were of outstanding quality, with all pen lots supplementary fed.


The limited competition from only a few buyers resulted in a price correction of up to $21/head to average 584c/kg cwt. It was a mixed quality yarding of mutton, with all weights and grades represented. Market competition was weak, with demand only stepping up if prices eased below 350c/kg cwt. Heavy ewes sold $30/head cheaper, averaging 327c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were well supplied and competition was slightly better, with prices $14 to $18/head cheaper. The bulk of the trade sheep made from $66 to $124/head.

Plain sheep were in reasonable supply, making from $47 to $66/head.