Henty will always be home for circus performer

MARCELA Scheuner is a popular circus performer.

And her career with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus has taken her all around the country.

ENTERTAINING: Marcela Scheuner is named 2019 Henty Showgirl. She is also a popular circus performer. Picture: Nikki Reynolds

ENTERTAINING: Marcela Scheuner is named 2019 Henty Showgirl. She is also a popular circus performer. Picture: Nikki Reynolds

However, she still calls Henty home.

She loves the sense of connection, the fact that people in the street stop and talk and are interested in each other.

And one of the things Miss Scheuner loves most about Henty is the town’s annual show.

From pavillion exhibits and livestock displays through to the working bees and community events in the lead up to the event, she loves it all.

Each year she has been involved in volunteering and enjoys helping to display the beautiful artwork in the pavillion.

Taking a look at some art work from one of the children in the town gives her great satisfaction.

She enjoys watching the various competitors and inspecting the agricultural exhibits.

So it was fitting that she was named 2019 Showgirl.

Putting all of the good things about Henty on the agenda is her ultimate aim. And the hard work that goes alongside running country shows is something she isn’t afraid to shy away from. It’s something that is enjoyable to her and gives a great sense of achievement and connection. 

Miss Scheuner said being named the Henty showgirl was an exciting experience.

“I am a bit nervous though,” she conceded.

This is despite the fact Miss Scheuner has performed stunning and brave circus acts in front of thousands of people.

She said there was an element of “wanting to do well for the town” and living up to expectations that went along with carrying the title of showgirl.

If her dedication to a career in the circus industry is to be a gauge she will take the role in her stride.

Miss Scheuner attended St Joseph’s Primary School at Culcairn. She was also involved in the local swim club.

During her time with the swim club she was often doing cartwheels or tumbling and her athletic ability became apparent.

The next logical step was to join gymnastics classes. The gymnastics then evolved into an acceptance into the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

This meant formal schooling and her talents as a circus performer combined.

Hours of training were fitted around the in-house education at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus headquarters in Albury.

Miss Scheuner, now 24, still has an active involvement in the circus and she helps to coach the other members of the team.

Training is still rigorous and she laughs that Henty would perhaps be one of the few places where she could practice her circus performances in the street.

“This is the place I always come back to,” she said.

The quietness and friendliness fuels this love.

“It feels safe, and you know everyone, there is always someone here to talk to,” she said.

Miss Scheuner said the showgirl competition was often closely associated with agriculture and she was grateful to live in a rural region.