Hicks Beef takes third place at Australia's largest feedlot trial

With 10 years of participating and winning in Australia’s largest feedlot trial, Hicks Beef had another successful year at the Beef Spectacular in 2019 with two teams in the top 10.

The Hicks Beef team missed the championship by a few points, to finish third out of 95 teams, representing 475 steers from across Australia.

Hicks Beef had the highest-scoring individual steer in the entire trial and the second most profitable team for feedlot performance.

They also had some of the highest gaining steers, with two gaining over 3kg a day. The ABC steers entered at average group weight, but with one steer gaining 3.09kg.

Hicks steers also excelled in the carcass section with some of the highest EMAs, averaging 103sqcm and an average marbling score of 1.8.

Lardner success

Hicks Beef congratulates long-time clients Grad and Irene Gale on their continued success as grass-fed producers, having won the carcass section of the grass-fed trial at Lardner in Gippsland.

World recognition

Hicks Beef females ranked one and two on the International Genetics Solutions database of over 18,000,000 records world-wide, including 12 breed societies and hybrid progeny.

The Hicks Beef females were ranked at the top of the API (All Purpose Index) which uses real data, including fertility, calving ease, efficiency, weight gain and carcass to calculate a total profit figure that weighs up inputs and outputs.