Equity of opportunity for all at Geelong College

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"Coeducation is good for girls, and for boys," Geelong College principal, Dr Peter Miller said.

"Each school is different. Not only do we have three sectors of education in Australia but each sector has a great variety within.

"All sectors have a mixture of coeducational and single-sex schools. If one type was universally the best, it would be logical that all schools would be the same. The reality is they are not the same.

"What is “best” will be determined by the parents and the child. An option may be a great privilege and needs to be seen as such.

"Generally, in Australia, the facilities in schools, quality of teachers, students’ school experiences and opportunities beyond schools are exceptionally good.

"It is fair to say our schools and education systems are highly regarded around the world and we take this for granted. 

"This is regardless of whether a school is single sex or coeducational.

"Nevertheless, there are some important points to make about coeducational schools.

"First, by their nature, coeducational schools are more inclusive. Students have different strengths, aspirations and aptitudes with variety between boys and girls. This is a fabulous environment for girls and boys to attend school.

This extends logically to the point that boys and girls are learning together in coeducational schools. This is preparation for life and continued learning. In a world aspiring to gender equity this is clearly appropriate. 

"If I was to emphasise one point as to why coeducation is good it is this. It is because we are saying that it does not matter whether you are a girl or a boy at school.

"Coeducational schools are able to provide equity of opportunity and experience. That’s why it is good for girls, and boys."