Explore the rich history of 'Fairfield' Ardlethan

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After being farmed by the Stewart family for more than 140 years “Fairfield," Ardlethan is on the market. 

The property was part of the well-known Riverina property, Bygoo Station, which was originally more than 54,000 acres.

John and Elizabeth Stewart, pioneers of the district, bought Bygoo Station in 1874. Their two sons, Charles and Francis became custodians of the land after their parents died in the early 1900s.

Charles remained at the historic homestead, which was already established, along with its renowned woolshed, when they arrived.

Francis chose to settle with his family over the ridge at Fairfield, originally called Dingo Dell. Both properties have been operated by successive generations since then, although now somewhat reduced in size.

Francis (Frank) Stewart carried on farming and grazing at Fairfield and remained there until his retirement in 1945, when his son Donald took over.

Bruce Stewart was already established at Fairfield, when he succeeded his father, Don, in 1970. He has continued the cropping and sheep production operation.

After almost a century and a half and four generations later, the property will pass to new owners, for another chapter in its long history.

“Fairfield” is scheduled to be auctioned on Wednesday April 10 at the Ardlethan Bowling Club (if not sold prior).