Wagga cattle market, March 11 2019

VENDORS sold 3000 cattle at the market on Monday in Wagga. 

According to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service cattle prices continued to decrease with the market struggling to find a base price.

Trade cattle were few and buyers were subdued.

Feedlot buyers, a boat order and restockers were unable to sustain last week’s price levels.

Heavy steers and bullocks were limited and competition fluctuated between processors and feedlots.

Cow numbers declined to 1050 head, with a good proportion of the cow offering leaner types.

A limited supply of domestic trade cattle sold to a cheaper trend.

Heifers suitable for the trade sold from 210c to 236c/kg. Trade steers were too few to quote, topping at 252c/kg.

Light weight weaner steers 200-280kg attracted only a few buyers, resulting in a cheaper trend of 35c/kg to average $436/head.

The lighter weight heifers predominately sold to feedlots and backgrounders, making from 100c to 202c/kg.

Most of the regular buyers operated in the feeder steer market.

The bulk of the medium steers sold to 8c cheaper, while lighter weights declined by 12c to average 239c/kg.

There was a price correction of 18c for light weight heifers, with the main lines making from 160c to 252c/kg.

The limited supply of heavy C3 steers and bullocks sold to mixed price trends, making from 214c to 254c/kg.

The cow market sold to weaker competition, with demand declining as the sale progressed.

A single pen of heavy cows topped at 178c, to average 160c/kg.

The D2 and D3 medium weights lines sold to poor demand, easing from 20c to 22c, with the D3 cows averaging 125c/kg.

Store cows were well supplied, with a large number of younger cows pregnancy tested in calf arriving from Moree.

Store cows continually sold from 80c to 124c, with a single pen of young Angus cows recording a top price of 217c/kg.

HAMMER FALLS: Action from the ring selling area at Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre.

HAMMER FALLS: Action from the ring selling area at Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre.