Wagga sheep and lamb sale, March 7 2019

AT Wagga on Thursday vendors sold 29,000 sheep and lambs. 

The processor quality of lambs was variable once the lead pens were sold, with buyers discounting dryer types. The bulk of the heavy trade lambs weighing 22-24kg were unchanged, making from $151 to $168/head.

AT THE RAIL: Action from the Wagga sheep and lamb sale.

AT THE RAIL: Action from the Wagga sheep and lamb sale.

Light and medium trade lambs sold from $5 cheaper, which was quality related, as those weighing 18-22kg averaged from 630c to 664c/kg cwt.

Store lambs were well supplied, with many showing the effects of drought. Prices varied considerably, with buyers paying from $20 to $115/head.

Shorn lambs suitable to feed on only attracted a few buyers, resulting in a cheaper trend of up to $8/head. Competition for heavy and extra heavy lambs was very solid due to the lack of supply. Generally, heavy lambs weighing 24-26kg were unchanged, averaging 649c/kg cwt.

Extra heavy lamb quality was outstanding, with all pen lots supplementary fed. The bulk of the extra heavy, making from $170 to $240/head. It was a very mixed quality yarding of mutton, with all weights and grades represented. The market sold to weak competition over most classes.

Heavy crossbred ewes sold from $110 to $159/head to average 420c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were well supplied and demand weakened, with not all processors operating. The bulk of the trade mutton sold from $76 to $125/head, averaging 390c/kg cwt. Plain sheep were in greater supply, making from $20 to $68/head.