Griffith sheep and lamb sale, March 8 2019

VENDORS sold 9800 sheep and lambs at the Griffith sale on Friday. 

According to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service lamb quality continued to be very mixed, with the better finished grain assisted lambs offered along with the plainer types.

Heavy and extra heavy weight lambs made up the majority of the offering.

Most of the usual buyers were present and competing in an easier market.

Light lambs averaged $112/head.

Trade weights eased from $4 to $5, to sell from $117 to $146/head.

Heavy lambs to 26kg sold from $145 to $169/head.

Those over 26kg sold from $170 to $194/head. Carcase prices averaged from 606c to 630c/kg.

Mutton numbers were made up of predominately Merinos, and quality continued to be very mixed.

Prices eased, with Merino ewes selling from $92 to $150/head.

Crossbred ewes received from $95 to 140, with Dorper ewes making from $71 to $125/head.