Progressive learning at Caulfield Grammar School

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Caulfield Grammar School’s thriving boarding community provides students from Australia and overseas access to its progressive learning programs.

The co-educational school, offers boarding to girls and boys, so brothers and sisters can learn and grow alongside each other.

The school’s small boarding community is guided by staff responsible for monitoring and responding to each student’s social, emotional and academic needs. Senior years are integral to cultivating sound character, connection and interests. A holistic approach to growth and nurturing builds students’ self-worth and sense of wellbeing.

Our boarding home has a country heart, nestled in a school that offers a broad range of learning experiences and extensive resources and facilities.

Among them, the Internationalism Program conducted at the school’s Nanjing campus provides Year 9 students with the experience of living and learning in another country.

Year 10 students are able to study VCE units suited to their interests and abilities. This means that the VCE can be spread over three years rather than two, enabling students to tailor their learning for the senior years.