Unexpected drop in cattle sale numbers in Wagga

Cattle sale in Wagga. Picture: Les Smith
Cattle sale in Wagga. Picture: Les Smith

Unexpectedly leading into the Easter holiday break, numbers decreased significantly by 1300 to 3300.

Trade cattle supplies declined and so did quality.

Another wave of more than 1300 cows were offered, with well finished cows in shorter supply.

Trade steers sold to only a few buyers, making from 262c to 304c/kg. Trade heifers eased 2c, receiving from 238c to 278c/kg. The pick of the veal recorded a top price of 305c/kg.

Light weight weaner steers weighing 200-280kg sold to only a few restockers, resulting in a cheaper trend of 12c/kg to average $593/head. The lighter weight heifers mainly sold to feedlots and backgrounders, making from 140c to 258c/kg.

The usual buying group operated in the feeder steer market, however steers over 400kg were in short supply, forcing buyers to push prices higher to secure stock.

The bulk of the medium steers gained 3c to average 285c/kg.

There was weaker demand for heifers suitable to feed on, with the lighter weights 7c cheaper, making from 190c to 289c/kg. Medium weight feed heifers were unchanged to average 261c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks sold to solid demand from domestic and export processors, as C3 and C4 steers and bullocks sold from 234c to 298c/kg.

The cow market sold to steady demand. A single cow topped at 238c, with well finished cows over 540kg averaging 212c/kg.

Despite the D2 and D3 cows lacking yield, the D3 medium weights unchanged to average 169.3c/kg. Cows to turnout sold from 93c to 163c/kg.