Jugiong Anzac Day photos and videos

Under gum trees and elms country towns remembered those who served in foreign conflicts.

They marched along flower-lined or bare streets in solemn procession, school children, returned servicemen and women and community volunteers all waved on and supported by enthusiastic crowds along the march path.

Anzac Day March at Jugiong

Services were held at the base on the war memorial which features the slouched hatted soldier leaning on reversed rifle and emblazoned with the names of all who left the district to serve abroad.

Those who did not return are recognised by a cross beside their name.

It was a moving occasion and each year the emotion seems to raise a notch with the various addresses and music played during the service.

The Lighthorse were formed over a century ago at Harden-Murrumburah and it was fitting the local detachments took a leading role in both the Harden and Jugiong marches.

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