Extra-heavy lambs make a high of $296.60 at Wagga

LAMB prices intensified at Wagga on Thursday morning with prices getting dearer as the market went along.

The top price of $296.60 set the tone for the day with a stand-out pen of second-cross lambs offered by vendor Wayne Oxenbridge of "Stanmore," Tallimba who was selling through Landmark Wagga.

In all the market was quoted as being $20 dearer than the previous week for the extra-heavy lambs.

Vendors sold a total of 42,080 which was back slightly from the 43,050 in the initial draw on Wednesday.

It was a successful market for vendor Ralph Nesbet of "Allambie" at Kamarah who sold second cross Dorsets lambs for $276.

Earlier in the sale a stand-out pen of extra-heavy lambs offered by Riverina Livestock Agents (RLA) made $295.

Now vendors and livestock agents will look to next week in the hope that prices will make $300.

  • Full market report to follow