Griffith sheep and lamb market May 17

VENDORS sold 7660 sheep and lambs at the Griffith market on Friday.

The usual buyers were present and competing in a dearer market. Light lambs reached $148/head. Trade weights were $2 to $4 dearer, with prices varying from $160 to $198/head. Heavy lambs lifted $5, with those up to 26kg making from $191 to $228/head.

Extra heavy weights showed the biggest change, lifting $10/head on the back of a quality offering. Prices varied from $225 to $300/head.

Carcase prices averaged from 764c to 860c/kg cwt. Mutton numbers were comprised of mainly Merinos in another strong market. Merino ewes sold from $122 to $200/head. Crossbred ewes reached $224, with Dorper ewes making from $101 to $175/head.