Bongongo bulls sell to $11,000 at autumn sale

Shauna and Bill Graham of Bongongo Angus, Coolac with grandson Teddy Murphy and Sean McMullen of Boambolo Pty Ltd, Yass who bought two of the top priced bulls for $11,000 each.
Shauna and Bill Graham of Bongongo Angus, Coolac with grandson Teddy Murphy and Sean McMullen of Boambolo Pty Ltd, Yass who bought two of the top priced bulls for $11,000 each.

The Bongongo Angus Autumn Helmsman sale saw all 36 bulls sold to average $7528 with three bulls sharing the top spot, selling for $11,000 each.

Bill Graham of Bongongo Angus at Coolac was very pleased with the result in a context of a tough season.

"The returning support is remarkable and way beyond our expectations on the day," he said.

Mr Graham said the 93-year-old Angus stud tried to run a very simple operation to make their client's lives as easy as possible.

"We have a reputation for very good Tablelands cattle with enough growth, very good carcase genetics and a focus on ease of calving," he said.

Two of the top priced bulls, Bongongo N442 SV and Bongongo N557 SV, sold to Boambolo Pty Ltd, Yass.

Sean McMullen of Boambolo said they were interested in buying heifer bulls to compliment their early joining.

"We mainly looked for calving ease, growth and to introduce some more bloodlines," he said.

"This is our third year buying here in the last seven years and we bought three bulls at their spring sale last year, which we were happy with."

Sired by USA 16198796 EF Complement 8088, the 21-month-old Bongongo N442 SV had estimated breeding values (EBVs) of 3.1kg birth weight, 6.3 square centimetre eye muscle area and 2.8 intramuscular fat percentage.

Their second $11,000 purchase, the 22-month-old N557 SV was by the same sire and had a 4.3kg birth weight, 7.2cm sq EMA and 1.8 per cent IMF.

The commercial operation also bought a third bull, N460 SV, for $10,000.

Mr McMullen said the Boambolo enterprise had originally run Merinos but after a property downsize had turned towards cattle and were looking to build their herd up to 500 breeders a year for joining.

The third $11,000 bull went to Bill Graham's brother and his son from Red Hills, Adjungbilly.

Tim Graham said the bull had a good EMA EBV of 4.6cm sq, solid IMF of 2.2 per cent and stood up well.

"Most of our steers go into a feedlot so we try and get the IMF up there so he should fit in well," Mr Graham said.

"There were a couple of others I liked there but so did other people."

The volume buyer of the day was Wylarah Pastoral Company who bought four bulls for an average of $7500 and top at $10,000.

Wylarah have properties in the Southern Highlands and Crookwell and have been running a commercial Angus herd for close to 20 years.

Stephen Simpson of Wylarah said their number one priority when picking bulls was finding a match for their cow herd.

"...then we're trying to put more meat in our young ones, more meat in that back end section, where the money is and along the rib, across the top," he said.

"We're looking for a good strong bull, that's free moving and has good feet.

"The statistics are very important but on the day we've really got to look at the bull."

Mr Simpson had bought Bongongo bulls at four sales and was always looking to outsource new genetics.

He believed it was a very strong sale given the season.

"We could be only a day away from rain and these bulls will be worth a lot of money if that happens," he said.

"We're holding on to as many females as we can but if it tightens up over winter we may have to sell females, it's a really tough game as every farmer knows."

The sale was conducted by Elders through the Helmsman selling system.