Wagga sheep and lamb market, July 4 2019

TAKING THE BIDS: Action from the Wagga sheep and lamb market.
TAKING THE BIDS: Action from the Wagga sheep and lamb market.

VENDORS sold 44,330 sheep and lambs at the Wagga market on Thursday.

According to the National Livestock Reporting Service lamb numbers declined moderately.

The sell off continues, with farmers taking advantage of the high returns given for trade and heavy lambs. Quality was outstanding with most lambs crop finished or supplementary fed.

Trade buying activity ramped up with major domestic processors dominating sales for all well finished types. Heavy and extra heavy lambs numbers lifted and so did the weight.

There were reduced supplies of lighter weight lambs with a fair percentage selling to processors.

Restocker and feedlot buying activity was erratic with buyers cautious over teeth issues. The limited availability of quality domestic lambs at other selling centres gave the trade market a boost. Processors stepped up bidding strongly to acquire trade lambs 22kg to 24kg cwt which helped lift prices $2 to $8/head.

Heavy trade 22kg to 24kg made up the bulk of the offering making $220 to $250/head to average 986c/kg cwt. Merino trade lambs sold to a larger group of buyers and all categories sold to stronger competition recording a top price of $252/head to average 904c/kg cwt. Light lambs to the processors sold to strong southern competition making from $136 to $168/head.

There was a full field of export buyers along with some domestic processor competition on lambs weighing 25kg to 26kg cwt. Generally heavy lambs 24kg to 26kg sold $3 dearer making $246 to $265/head. Extra heavy lambs eased a few dollars ranging from $255 to $350/head, with the bulk averaging 974c/kg cwt. It was another good quality yarding of mutton with medium and heavy sheep well supplied. Heavy crossbred ewes sold up to $232/head, averaging 606c/kg cwt.

Heavy wethers were in limited numbers recording a top price of $198/head to average 637c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were keenly sought by all processors selling at $105 to $168/head, averaging 588c to 660c/kg cwt. Category Weight % Yard Sale Prefix Fat Score $/Head Low High Avg Change Low Estimat