Trigger Vale - Playing host to important sheep information day

GET INFORMED: Trigger Vale will host an information day with guest speakers providing information to help improve business for sheep producers.

GET INFORMED: Trigger Vale will host an information day with guest speakers providing information to help improve business for sheep producers.

With southern NSW the transition zone between the rainfall "haves" in Victoria and the rainfall "have nots" in central and northern NSW, Trigger Vale at Lockhart is ideally located to host an information and open day on August 23.

There will be an unbelievable line up of guest speakers with talks aimed at a theme based around "resilience" and profitability of sheep.

There is a topic for everyone whether its how to survive and manage the ongoing dry being felt in NSW or maximising the record sheep commodity prices and better seasonal conditions being enjoyed in Victoria.

The agenda can be broken down into three components:

Dr Andrew Thompson from Murdoch Uni in WA focusing his talk on what is required to breed a more robust and resilient Merino.

Darren Gordon and Ricky Luhrs will focus on setting up a more robust and resilient sheep farming system.

This includes the vital role designated confinement areas play in protecting ground cover and soil fertility along with maximising total farm dry matter production by letting pastures get away before grazing.

Finally, Dr Mark Ferguson from Nextgen will address the big-picture topic of having a robust and resilient industry moving forward and what the individual animal and farming system might look like to address the changing consumer expectations with regards to welfare and ethical production.

Stud principal Andrew Bouffler said Trigger Vale had taken a leading role in this area with a targeted 15-year breeding program addressing non-mulesing and easy-care attributes.

"Often confronting and threatening to our historical way of doing things we feel it is time that as an industry we need to get more proactive in this area," Andrew said.

"Dr Thompson's talk is of interest as it will involve an update on the exciting research he is conducting with Sarah Blumer regarding the importance of mat and muscle traits in a Merino with regards to whole body energy reserves.

"In a nutshell, his work goes along way in putting the science around long used terminology in the industry like 'do-ability' and 'robustness'.

"He will present a further talk on the opportunity and genetic requirements of successfully joining ewe lambs and minimising Merino weaner deaths."

Trigger Vale will have a selection of its poll Merino and White Suffolk 2019 auction rams on display and will be available all day to discuss its innovative and visionary breeding programs. Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Andrew has stressed that this day is open to all sheep producers to attend and isn't just a day for current clients.

"We go to considerable time and financial expense to put on information days with this line up of quality speakers.

"We hope as many people as possible take up the chance to spend a day off farm to think about the direction and possible improvements they can make to their sheep enterprises," he said.

"It is a great opportunity to work on their business rather than in it for a day."

The Trigger Vale sheep information day will be held on-farm at "Valera ", Lockhart on August 23 from 9am. To register for catering purposes contact Mandi on 0409 221 266.

The South West Slopes Field Day on September 2 and Trigger Vale's 42nd poll Merino and White Suffolk on-property auction will be held on September 6.