Sucker demand shows at Griffith

Taking the bids at Griffith market.
Taking the bids at Griffith market.

VENDORS sold 12,450 sheep and lambs at the Griffith market on Friday.

There were 2450 new-season lambs penned and quality was fair.

Trade weight new season lambs sold from $175 to $216, with heavy weights making from $211 to $233/head. Old light lambs sold from $141 to $166/head.

Trade weights were from $5 to $8 dearer, selling from $163 to $210/head.

Heavy and extra heavy weights were fairly steady. Heavy lambs to 26kg sold from $206 to $245, with extra heavy weights making to $260/head.

Carcase prices averaged from 871c to 925/kg. Mutton prices improved with Merino ewes selling from $138 to $200/head. Heavy crossbred ewes received from $18 to $200, and Dorper ewes made to $168/head.