Wagga Polocrosse Club gets council money for water bore at Euberta Hall recreation ground

The 2019 Wagga Polocrosse carnival at Euberta
The 2019 Wagga Polocrosse carnival at Euberta

Wagga City Council will contribute more than $43,000 towards sinking a new bore at the Euberta Hall recreation ground to combat the effects of drought.

Wagga Polocrosse Club, the major user of the ground, will run the project and contribute some of the costs.

Club secretary Katie Peeck said she hoped to have the project finished by early next year, which will allow more events and in turn bring more competitors and supporters to Wagga.

"Currently we are a bit limited on when we can run events due to the ongoing drought," she said.

"Last year we had to cancel both our carnivals because the grounds were just too hard and this year we just got away with running an event as the rains came at the right time but the grounds were not in the condition that we would like.

"Getting the irrigation will mean we will be able to run events consistency regardless of rainfall, hopefully three carnivals a year and have training days earlier in the season."


The club also hosts other types of equestrian events and the National Working Dog Trials.

Ms Peeck said running horses on hard ground created the risk of injury and discouraged competitors from attending carnivals.

"It's very fast-paced and you are stopping and turning a lot, and like human athletes, jarring on hard ground will create more injuries," she said.

"Currently there are irrigated playing fields in Albury and at Warwick in Queensland and they are able to run bigger events as they can have their grounds in top condition at all times.

"That attracts the bigger players and bigger competitions because people are willing to travel further for good grounds."

Following approval from councillors this week, the club will be responsible obtaining the necessary permit and water allocation to use the bore.

The council funding will go towards installing a 50-metre steel screened 125-millimetre bore, pump and irrigation equipment.

"Depending on aquifer capacity the bore will yield up to 3.5 litres of water per second," a report to councillors stated.

"All newly constructed facilities will become council assets."

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