Wagga cattle report, August 19 2019

A TOTAL of 3500 cattle went under the hammer at the Wagga market on Monday.

Not all feedlots were at the market or operating fully. Heavy steer and bullock numbers improved and so did competition.

Cow numbers remained high, with just over 800 yarded. Prices were cheaper for all types of domestic processor cattle.

Even with a major domestic buyer operating in the market, trade heifer prices eased 15c to average 305c/kg. Trade steers sold to weak demand, declining 16c to make from 300c to 340c/kg.

Light weight weaner steers were well supplied and competition was patchy, resulting in a price correction of 44c, with the bulk averaging 276c/kg.

A reduced field of feedlot buyers were operating at the market however, due to the cheaper trend a feedlot did begin to buy mid sale, helping to cement a floor in heifer prices.

ON THE MARKET: Details from the Wagga cattle sale. Picture: Nikki Reynolds

ON THE MARKET: Details from the Wagga cattle sale. Picture: Nikki Reynolds

There was significantly weaker demand for feed steers 330-400kg, with the well-bred portion easing 27c, making from 258c to 322c/kg.

Light weight feed heifers attracted a smaller field of buyers resulting in prices declining 8c to average 281c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks were in reasonable numbers and quality was quite good. The C3 and C4 steers made from 303c to 345c/kg.

The cow market sold to slightly stronger demand for heavy well finished types. Heavy cows gained 5c to average 266c/kg.

The D2 and D3 cows sold to steady competition from southern processors. The bulk of the D2 and D3 types sold from 198c to 257c/kg