Pictorial coverage as shearer Aidan Copp races the clock and achieves a world record


GNADBRO in the Riverina provided the perfect backdrop for shearer Aidan Copp to break a long-standing world record.

It was a chance for those with an interest in shearing and the wool industry to pull up a church pew in the Gnadbro shearing shed and take in the action as the Kiwi shearer showed some of the best skills in the world.

The action started at 7.30am on Saturday morning and it was cold and foggy. Not ideal for a shearing world record. The music was playing and the roustabouts worked fast.

Mr Copp's support crew worked with the same precision that would be expected from any crew involved with an endurance sport.

His hard work of running up to 20 kilometres a day and spending hours on grueling cardio machines at the gym paid dividends as he pushed his fitness and strength to the limits.


BREAKING the world record for shearing first-cross lambs required a feat of endurance and skill for Kiwi shearer Aidan Copp who chose the eastern Riverina as his backdrop.

The world record was officially set on Saturday at Gnadbro near Collingullie after 524 first-cross lambs were shorn.

Aidan Copp

The cold and foggy start to Saturday morning initially slowed the attempt down but as conditions warmed the pace increased accordingly.

To put the record into perspective Mr Copp's time to shear each sheep ranged from 34 to 57 seconds and had to be seen to be believed.

Despite being fatigued from the efforts Mr Copp now has another record in his sights. He wants to break the world record for shearing Merinos.

In a demonstration of how grueling the task was there were times when Mr Copp was vomiting because he couldn't hold down the hydration mix.

And at one stage he cut his hand quite badly. "My hand kept bleeding, I sliced the meaty bit near my thumb, it probably needed stitches," he said.

The severity of the injury meant that a 4.5 minute time-out was given so his thumb could be taped up.


TO say Aidan Copp was prepared to break a world record could have been an understatement. But his preparation was vital and necessary given the tough conditions on Saturday. The unexpected foggy and cold conditions made the attempt much harder.

His commitment to fitness and a focused mindset were arguably what got him over the line. Mr Copp also paid tribute to the even line of first-cross lambs at Gnadbro in the Riverina.