Wagga sheep and lamb market, August 22 2019

The hammer falls at Wagga sheep and lamb sale.
The hammer falls at Wagga sheep and lamb sale.

VENDORS sold 45,000 sheep and lambs at the Wagga market on Thursday.

Despite total lamb numbers declining, agents mustered more than 9000 new-season lambs.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia trade buying activity was notably stronger with one major processor reopening a second plant and looking to secure heavy lambs.

Select pens of old shorn lambs were keenly sought and received premium prices from major domestic buyers.

Longer wool old lambs were at a disadvantage and were discounted, or overlooked by some companies.

Heavy and extra heavy lamb numbers declined however competition was stronger.

There were increased supplies of lighter weight new season lambs which sold to strong restocker competition from locals and a Ballarat agent.

The new season trade lamb market sold to solid competition.

The top price recorded for 22-24kg was $220/head, with the bulk averaging 850c/kg cwt.

Old trade lambs did not attract all buyers resulting in a cheaper trend of $3 to $5/head, averaging from 750c to794c/kg cwt. Merino trade lambs sold to a large group of buyers to average from 715c to 785c/kg cwt.

New season lambs back to the paddock met with strong demand from the local area and Ballarat. The bulk of the lambs selling from $123 to $160/head.

There was fewer export buyers operating this week and despite the limited competition prices for heavy lambs were firm to $6/head dearer.

Extra heavy lambs sold from $202 to $274/head to average 800c/kg cwt. Heavy new season lambs sold from $230 to $262/head, averaging 823c/kg cwt.

It was another outstanding yarding of mutton with very few 1 and 2 score sheep offered. Heavy sheep sold to weaker competition with buyers more selective when bidding.

Heavy crossbred ewes sold up to $210/head, averaging 576c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino ewes made from $150 to $212/head.

Heavy wethers were in reasonable numbers, recording a top price of $194/head, to average 611c/kg cwt. Trade and light sheep were limited in supply, selling from $92 to $154/head, averaging 608c/kg cwt.