Wagga cattle market, November 4 2019.

FROM THE CATWALK: Action from the Wagga store cattle selling pens.
FROM THE CATWALK: Action from the Wagga store cattle selling pens.

A TOTAL of 3575 cattle went under the hammer at Wagga on Monday.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service numbers decreased by more than 1000 due to the rain.

Additional northern processors joined the regular buying group today along with restockers operating in a stronger market trend across most categories. The quality was generally mixed with some better prime cattle offered particularly across the grown steer and bullock run with prices lifting more significantly in these lines. It was again this week a good offering of mixed cows with the bulk of the lines being in finished condition. Prices remained firm from last week's lift with some price gains in the lighter weights.

A significant number of bobby calves were offered today with prices reaching up to 354c/kg for the better types and were purchased by restockers. The trade quality lifted and the bulk of the offering was heifers. Prime yearling steers lifted 2c selling between 272c and 315c/kg.

The heifers were very well finished for the top lines making between 265c and 322c jumping between 5c to 11c/kg. The feedlot buyers were again dominating the market keen to take home some very good quality lines on offer.

Feeder steers were making between 254c and 319c and lifted up to 8c/kg for the heavier lines. Large lines of heifers were available and were selling between 246c to 290c, lifting 4c/kg. Grown steer and bullocks were in excellent supply with prices igniting and gains up to 31c/kg. Grown steers, 3 and 4 score, were selling between 285c and 328c whilst the bullocks reached 325c, jumping up to 27c/kg. Additional quality was available across the grown heifer portion also with the heavier types selling 16c dearer making between 266c to 300c/kg.

Heavy 3 and 4 score beef cows were well supplied selling from 236c and 271c in a firm market for the heavy weights and gained up to 9c/kg for the lighter weights. The middle run of D2 cows also gained some momentum making between 190 to 246c, lifting up to 9c/kg. There was a mixed yarding of bulls selling to the usual buying group.