Light lamb prices ease

VENDORS sold 51,000 sheep and lambs at the Wagga market on Thursday.

Prices for trade lambs softened, which was indicative of the mixed quality and less buyers at the rail.

The best of the heavy trade lambs 22- 24kg eased $4/head to average 781c/kg cwt.

Light weight lambs to the processors eased $4/head with not the processor competition of the previous week.

New season light weight lambs back to the paddock sold to erratic bidding, making from $69 to $140/head.

Young lambs with weight and frame were keenly sought by a local agent making from $140 to $163/head. Heavy lambs were keenly sought by several processors making from $195 to $226/head.

Prices for extra heavy lambs bounced around, with plenty of bidding duels throughout the market.

Extra heavy lamb prices firmed as the sale progressed which was quality related, selling from $216 to $268/head.

It was a very mixed quality yarding of mutton with good numbers of trade sheep through the offering.

Heavy mutton sold to weak demand which resulted in a cheaper trend of $20 to $28/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold up to $225/head to average 517c/kg cwt.

Heavy Merino ewes made from $140 to $212/head averaging 550c/kg cwt. Heavy wethers sold from $180 to $193/head, averaging 557c/kg cwt.

Trade and light sheep sold from $100 to $148/head, with trade mutton averaging 552c/kg cwt.