Numbers lift at Wagga sheep sale as vendors chase dearer market

PRICES firmed on the previous week at the Wagga sheep and lamb sale on Thursday.

School holidays also proved popular with onlookers and there were plenty of faces in the crowd to watch the market.

Liz Summerville of the Australian Livestock and Property Agents (ALPA) is a regular face at the markets and this week she was there as a vendor after selling some lambs.

Full market report to follow.

NATIONAL LIVESTOCK REPORTING SERVICE MARKET DETAILS: A total of 47,000 sheep and lambs sold on Thursday.

Numbers lifted on the back of last week's dearer market. Quality was very good with a large percentage of the offering, supplementary fed lambs weighing over 25kg.

Trade lambs were in short supply which resulted in domestic buyers having to compete against export processors.

It was a full field of buyers operating, along with a bigger group of feedlot buyers and restockers.

Trade lambs gained $5/head. The best of the heavy trade lambs, 22-24kg averaged 739c/kg cwt. Light weight lambs to the processors made from $98 to $145/head. Lighter weight lambs back to the paddock and to feed on, made from $88 to $147/head.

Heavy lambs were keenly sought by a restocker to fill a contract paying up to $235/head. A full field of buyers at the rail prices lifted prices by $5 to $9/head.

The bulk of the lambs sold from $178 to $248/head to average 697c/kg cwt.

It was a mixed quality yarding of mutton. Competition from buyers was noticeably weaker with all processors attending.

Heavy crossbred ewes sold up to $227, to average 557c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino ewes made from $152 to $198/head, averaging 547c/kg cwt. Heavy wethers sold from $150 to $211/head. Trade mutton sold from $115 to $139/head, averaging 547c/kg cwt.