COMMENT: Welcome rain and charitable acts welcome

WELCOME rainfall has helped to lift spirits, and markets, in the region.

The damaging bush fires and ongoing drought have taken a toll on the area and to see falls of up to 89mm for the week in the gauge at Tumut are a boost.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology Cootamundra received 46mm for the week, Gundagai, 34mm, Tumbarumba, 48mm, Coleambally, 56mm and Culcairn, 42mm.


FOR those wanting to have fun and support a great cause the Australia Day Eve Shear a sheep, drink a beef and eat a pie event will be held at the Sporties Hotel in Wagga.

The event on Friday, January, 24 is fast becoming a popular tradition in Wagga. There is also a chance to support some of the local livestock agents from the region.

Action starts from 6.30pm and there are plenty of prizes on offer. All proceeds will be donated to those affected by bush fires and forwarded to mental health charities.


CONGRATULATIONS to younger members of the rural community who have been playing an important role in supporting charity.

On Thursday the proceeds raised by three boys, Oscar Nugent, 11, and his friends Rohan, 11, and Oscar, 13, Gianniotis, will be handed over the Rural Fire Service (RFS). The boys have raised more than $500 after setting up a lemonade stand at Lake Albert.


HAVE you spotted anyone wearing a #fetchitforafarmer hat? Annabelle Kingston, 16, of The Rock started the concept of Fetch It For a Farmer during her school holidays and is helping to raise funds and support those who are affected by the drought. Be sure to visit her Fetch It For a Farmer Facebook page.


DUE to the Australia Day public holiday on Monday there wont be a weekly cattle sale at the Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre.


THE Grains Research and Development Corporation update will be held in Wagga on February 18 and 19 at Joys Hall, Charles Sturt University, Wagga.