Wagga sheep and lamb sale January 23 2020

VALUES: Action from the rail at Wagga sheep and lamb sale.
VALUES: Action from the rail at Wagga sheep and lamb sale.

VENDORS sold 38,000 sheep and lambs at the Wagga market on Thursday.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service numbers were marginally lower.

Quality was either plain or outstanding with a lighter lamb dry in the skin. The best presented lambs were grain fed across trade and heavy lamb classes.

Generally, prices for all trade types strengthened significantly due to the shortage of quality lambs in NSW.

Heavy young lambs over 26kg cwt were in limited supply. Lighter weight young lambs were supported by restockers and feedlots. Mutton numbers declined, and prices were dearer over all categories.

Price results for trade lambs strengthened, due to a contraction of supply. The best of the heavy trade lambs 22 to 24kg sold up to $22/head dearer to average 809c/kg cwt.

Light weight lambs to the processors held there values best, with woolley types making from $132 to $148/head. New season light weight lambs back to the paddock sold to stronger trends, making from $92 to $148/head.

Young shorn lambs with weight and frame were keenly sought by a local agents and feedlots making from $132 to $168/head.

Heavy and extra heavy lambs ignited the bidding amongst export and domestic processors. Extra heavy lambs sold to buoyant competition, with buyers all pushed to capture a market share, where prices were $20 to $26/head dearer, averaging 777c/kg cwt.

It was a mixed quality yarding of mutton, with a good supply of trade sheep through the offering. Rain in the north put a halt to discounting. Competition ramped up from all processors with buyers scrambling to purchase heavy ewes.

Heavy crossbred ewes sold up to $280 lifting prices by $30/head. Heavy Merino ewes made from $150 to $240/head, averaging 605c/kg cwt. Heavy wethers sold at $165 to $171/head, averaging 580c/kg cwt.

Trade and light sheep sold from $95 to $145/head, with trade mutton averaging 570c/kg cwt.